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July 26, 2011

I feel so angry for the goverment's action on the train crash happened on 23th,July, everybody is asking "why?".why they gave up the rescue only 24 hours after the accident happening? why they buried the train head so quickly?why a rear-end collision happened that should never be possible? and the most sarcastic is that, after the goverment declaring that there is no signs of life in the crashed train body, the rescuer did find a little girl still being alive. As the most convincing proof-the trainhead, was buried quickly on 24th. The compensation amount is comfirmed now--500 thousand RMB, it's unbelievable but true--the price of a life.

I feel so disappointed and angry, In my appinion, Train should be the most safe among all vihicles, but now it's possible to be rear-ended by another train on the trip, and it's also possible to be poisoned when you eat vegetable or meat purchased from the market hall, and even it's possible to be hit by a car droven by a drunk person when you walk in the zebra crossing. i don't know what is safe for me, maybe that's Mars.

01:28 AM Jul 27 2011



i am sorrowful for this!