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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

April 30, 2009

There is a proverb in my country that says: “a good friend is better than the brother
Today’s I’m glad to have many good friends in ebaby. I often meet them in msn everyday. I learned many things by them. I like all of them and I hope our friendship be permanent.
I have listed top of my msn friends here.
May Allah bless you, my dear friends Smile

Ajt: she disables my brain via too talking everyday! ;)
Esra: very polite and meek but so strict ;)
Tarfah: haha, dear aunt Tarfah! She likes her nephew very much
Saliha: Ms. Teacher! ;) a meek sister from Algeria.
Laly: my dear friend from Argentina
Bing: my chummy Chinese friend
Najla: she calls me mysterious but she is more mysterious than me :D
Mike: he likes me very much and I like him too :)
Rawan: my sensitive friend, I can’t tease her very much :(
Adel: I hope meet him in my city so soon :)
Amer: I’m waiting to hear important news about him. What’s up :P
Shasha: my chummiest Chinese friend. She is so toiler
Memo: my dear Turk friend from Germany
Helen: we usually talk about belief matters
Karl: how r u, businessman ;)

- Would u like ur name be in this list?! Laughing

- Which of them is your friend too?

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View all entries from Zezem's Blog >

11:50 PM May 16 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thanx Emilly, but my name is Mostafa and my nickname is Zezem Smile

10:26 PM May 16 2009


Saudi Arabia

Thta's GREAT, zazem.Laughing I like the idea of the list. O.o

You seem have GOOD friends from different countries and like them, ain't ya?. Lool.

May Allah bless them for you and bless You for them.

08:35 PM May 16 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I must kill Najla!!! Laughing

01:31 PM May 11 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It seems you are so interested in making lists ;p & I agree with ur friend about u that u r a mysterious guy! ^_^

But it shows ur care & interests to ur friends.

I just know Adel in ur friend list.

Have nice time with ur friends :D

09:25 PM May 10 2009


Saudi Arabia


yes, I'm thankful to the Admin of E-baby

here I met the most kind friends

how come to have such a kind people in one place.It is a miracle Laughing

bye bye MR.Mysreriouse


10:54 PM May 08 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of