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July 5, 2013

Want to Speak a Foreign Language Better? Learn to Write First!

by Jane Smith

Learning to speak a foreign language is very difficult. Not only do you have to understand what another person is saying, you have to think quickly enough to figure out how to respond. It can be frustrating to feel like you have a handle on a foreign language, only to try speaking it with someone from that background and come out on the other end completely turned around. What many people don't realize, though, is that one of the best ways to successfully speak a new language is to learn how to write it. Why? Basically, when it comes to a foreign language, if you can write it, you can say it.

In the simplest sense, writing practice is the ultimate way to really learn new vocabulary and practice verb construction. It's easy enough to memorize new nouns and verbs, but it's quite another animal to use them fluidly in speech. Practicing new words in writing is a perfect way to engrain them in your mind and remember how to use them again. You will also understand how to integrate them into full sentences.

Writing practice is also the best way to learn how to speak your mind in a new language. Most language courses handle daily conversation and academic writing and do a great job of preparing students for speaking to people of a completely different background. Unfortunately, they cannot prepare anyone for the reality of actually figuring out how to say what you want to say at a moment's notice, in a completely new language. Most beginners struggle with never feeling like they can completely convey their true thoughts, because they just don't have the words. That's why writing is so important. Writing long-form articles or essays in a foreign language is one of the only ways to practice making an argument or conveying a point of view.

Finally, what writing ultimately does for new language speakers is give them time to think and practice the language at the same time. Because there is no opportunity to sit and think about how to actually use a language when you have to speak it in conversation, writing helps you develop the ability to truly communicate. No matter what you would like to say, once you've taken the time to figure it out on your own, write it down and read it over, it will be much easier the next time when you want to make a point out loud. In fact, the more often you write, the more your brain will be able to memorize your unique communication style. After truly learning how to write in a foreign language, you will find your own, personal style of communication and sentence structure.

Instead of struggling with speaking until you find yourself more and more overwhelmed, try to combine learning to speak with learning to write. Not only will you find yourself understanding more of what others are saying, you will find that you're actually able to reply.

12:55 PM Oct 12 2014


Hello, zhaleh hoor!

Thank you for a compliment!

Now I think I have another problem and can't fix it. It's a fear :(

P.S. Unfortunately, the blogs "are down for maintenance." It's my understanding that we can't use them anymore, can we?.. I was going to write something about my problems with English. So... I stop complaining of problems and start learning again.

01:05 PM Sep 29 2014

zhaleh hoor
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear Tarita ,your English is wonderful. you have written here really nice. That's strange how u can't speak it, just start it ,don't hesitate :)

Good luck

02:10 PM Aug 24 2014


-=I don't quite understand; what do you mean by writing?=-

I spent a lot of time about a year ago doing exercises (in written form). Then I've read somewhere about a wonder-working method: copying (rewriting) books (there are so many such methods and, I'm afraid, they will exist until there are people wanting for miracles)). Not that it didn't work at all. It helps to get  accustomed to a language, I think. But I still have problems with picking up words, not to mention speaking. Many people here ask for my Skype: and what can I use it for if I even can't speak?..

06:46 PM Aug 22 2014



It's really helpful. It will definatly help us to learn a foreign languag.


01:33 PM Dec 05 2013


United Kingdom

very good advices,tnx

07:30 AM Dec 04 2013

zhaleh hoor
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My Plesure dear. Best of luck!!!

11:54 AM Dec 02 2013


Russian Federation

Thank you for the post, it was a good exercise  for me to read it. And advices are very useful.

June 22, 2013


LIFE, believe, is not a dream 
So dark as sages say; 
Oft a little morning rain 
Foretells a pleasant day. 
Sometimes there are clouds of gloom, 
But these are transient all; 
If the shower will make the roses bloom, 
O why lament its fall ? 

Rapidly, merrily, 
Life's sunny hours flit by, 
Gratefully, cheerily, 
Enjoy them as they fly ! 

What though Death at times steps in 
And calls our Best away ? 
What though sorrow seems to win, 
O'er hope, a heavy sway ? 
Yet hope again elastic springs, 
Unconquered, though she fell; 
Still buoyant are her golden wings, 
Still strong to bear us well. 
Manfully, fearlessly, 
The day of trial bear, 
For gloriously, victoriously, 
Can courage quell despair ! 

Charlotte Brontë 

April 26, 2013

Trouble arrives in measures,

and we stack it up real high,

until we're convinced,

we have no reason to try.

If you feel defeated,

you're absolutely wrong,

for if you follow your dream,

you could never lose for long.

Ignore the minor set-backs

that pile up and trouble you,

or you will build a mountain,

out of the stones hurled at you.

The future holds great promise,

your destiny unknown,

but God is always helping,

and you're never alone.

Soar bravely toward your goal.

Let nothing darken the way.

You can change your tomorrow,

if you seek your dream today.