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October 3, 2007

  imagine life as a game in which u r juggling some five balls in the air.You name them work,family & spirit & friedns.you`re keeping all of these in the air.You will soon understand that work is a rubberball.if u drop it,it will bounce back.

  but the other four balls family,health,friends and spirit r made of glass.if u drop one of these,they will be  irrevocably scuffed,marked,nicked,damaged or even shattered.they will never be the same.you must understand that and strive for balance in ur life.how?

  don`t set ur goals by what other people deem important.only u know what is best for u.

 don`t take for granted the things that closest to ur heart.

 don`t give up whn u still have something to give.nothing is really over untill the moment u stop trying.

  don`t shut love out of ur life by saying it`s impossible to find.the quickest way to receive love is to give it;the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly;and the best way to keeo love is to give it wings.

  life is not a race,but a journey to be savored each step of the way.

  yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift:that is why we call it "at present".

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View all entries from My Blog >

10:13 PM Nov 16 2007



you have a beautiful color but more important is you have a worshipful posture.it is very useful to me.

i am poor in english,and your english attract me.

11:56 AM Oct 25 2007



You should thank your God that you live a present , sometimes a man loses his present and catches in his past like Egyptians for example .

I hate that in ourselves , I thaught , wrongly , the problem was in us , but I discovered that most of Egyptians hate that in themselves , it's time to admit the loss they succeeded to create hatred between the  Muslims and the Cristians here in Egypt , to create it between the Muslims and Muslims , Cristians and Cristians , to hate ourselves , to hate the west and the west to hate us !

Egypt is a land losed love but love's still inside me

I love you Egypt !

12:34 AM Oct 25 2007



 you seem very clear at mind..as your field is technology..so this is clear ..that you must be..a quick catching type, quick wittted person with God's Grace..

All you have written is very very good... i m really impressed..

07:56 AM Oct 07 2007



I believe the personality and the soul is what makes a person beautiful, it does not always have to be the physical appearance. In you, I found them all :)

04:19 AM Oct 06 2007

Bülent ALKIŞ

yes you are right you said everything.but believe that most of peoeple in the world are losing these values because of struggle survive. ı hope nobady forget five balls in their life  for humanely life

12:26 PM Oct 04 2007


Woau!! I am really amaze. Good Thinking!!! I think I read this in a good moment. Thanks for your wise advise