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August 27, 2013

Trying to paint the world so you can see it how I see it,

Trying to shade in the atmosphere so you can feel it like I feel it,

Trying to color in the missing parts so there's no hole in our hearts,

My love for you however is more than a canvas for art,

Most people hide there feelings because there embarrassed or afraid,

I'm not afraid of telling you I love you more afraid that it will drive you away,

Because I know you are shy and so am I,

 but I have the courage to say it because I love you deeply,

Even the simplest things or thoughts are now the most beautiful to me,

I think about the first time I get to hold your hand or stand next to you,

The First walk with you and the First face to face talk with you, 

The first kiss under the blazing sun or sheltering moon and night sky,

The first time I play In your hair hug you close and stare at your beautiful face eye to eye,

Even though I'm a strong and a brave guy,

All of these thoughts make me want to cry,

There so beautiful and I just want you to see what I see,

Unlike others I can't read you like a book so besides what you tell me your a mystery,

But i love not knowing what your going to say next or do,

I love not knowing when your going to first say to me I really love you,

Sometimes you make me speechless and I don't know why,

I don't know why sometimes I message you so much or less but I don't want to lose you in general or to another guy,

So I feel the need to say it or risk it all in case I loose it all,

Although I never want to lose you ever,

I want to hold or be held in your arms and experience this love and feeling forever

10:34 PM Sep 05 2015

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi.your feeling  is great

12:24 PM Nov 07 2014

That Guy Owen
United States


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United States


Koolartistry works


Nothing big just me drawing tattoo's and other things for people for a little money here and there.


Graduate School

Not in college yet but im going spring semester


I hope to major in a field of art, or culinary

English Study

United States

Millbrook High

Native Speaker


I personally like 2 hang out with my friends, have fun, joke around, play video games, write stories and poems, cook and of course draw and take it easy.

The things that i like intersting intelligent and kool people and of course beautiful girls and other than that my likes are the same as my hobbies I personally like 2 hang out with my friends, have fun, joke around, play video games, write stories and poems, cook and of course draw and take it easy.i also like this video and group

Overly Arrogant People

Italian foods like Chicken Alfredo

Sunkist Orange Soda

I listen 2 all genres of music except country and techno. I especially like hip hop, rap, r&b, all forms of rock even the really rock it out things like five finger death punch, avenged sevenfold, and my bloody valentine and also singing like john mayer my favorite musiscian and since im a fan of music R.I.P to Michael Jackson a great man and musiscian in which i was named after so much love. But any way i basicly love all music.

My favorite movies include both transformers movies, scarface and most movies by my favorite actors johnny depp, al pacino and shia labeouf.