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December 24, 2009

Ashoura day, Tenth of Muharram (the first month of Islamic year), is one of the most important days for Muslims (Shiism). In this day Imam Hussoin (God bless him) (third religious leader of Shiism) and his family and his followers were killed by cruel people in Karbala (a city in Iraq that was a desert at that time). Imam Hussoin is grandchild of Muhammad (God bless him) (prophet of Islam), he wanted to warn the society because they had forgotten the Islamic rules, they had forgotten their prophet's sentences, They had forgotten the real Islam. Therefore the society was full of cruelty, full of bad behaviors and full of unethical behavior. People forgot the correct way that their prophet had shown them, they forgot the Quran (holy book of Muslims)'s sentences, they forgot the God! (and it amazing that all were happened only 50 years after death of prophet of Islam who advised and reminded people about his family many times. Also he had said them that there are two important things for them to find the truth and correct way: one, holy Quran and two, his family) Muhammad had tried to make clear the best way for life using God's guidance. But many people forgot his efforts, his sentences. Yes, they behaved according to their wishes and wills not according to what God ordered! Devil and the world deceived them! Imam Hussoin tried to save the people, to awaken people from the deep sleep! He and his followers were killed to make Islam alive again, to show the cruelty cannot change the truth and honesty, to show people what the real Islam is and want. He devoted his family and himself in order people remember the God and its real religion, remember the correct way! After 1400 years from Ashoura, Muslims (Shiism) still remember him and his devotion, they make his memorial, and are sad during this days because of his suffers and grief. They do that in order not to forget what efforts was made, what blood was poured ,what people were killed in order to real Islam be still alive and continue its way and guide the people toward the God! God bless him and his family and his followers. Ameen!

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