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March 3, 2010

Thoughts about change are on my mind today as we shut down our office in Lahore, Baskitan.

We've worked with our Lahore colleagues for 3 years. They are terrific people who have done some really good work for LaptopBattery.jp.

As a small, venture-backed company, we're constantly evaluating options and tradeoffs. Sometimes we are faced with a tough choice about where to focus our resources. The decision to shut down the Lahore office is one of those tough choices. We're moving fast on new product development, and all our time, attention and resources need to be focused on these efforts here in Portland.

We're greatful for the work and friendship we've shared with our Lahore colleagues. We hope their experience with LaptopBattery.jp will serve them well in the next chapter of their working lives.

Welcome to our battery mall http://www.LaptopBattery.jp/

Thank you!


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