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Hi everyone, I'm here just to make some friends globaly and talk to people to find out about their cultures, views and interests. If you would like to write to me or simply want to know about me, you are welcome to use the following email address. Just ask me any question you like since it gives me the chance to ask you any question i like. dead simple hurrrrra. happy.n@hotmail.co.uk Thank you

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July 28, 2007

Hi All,

My name is Nik and i am a second year student from the university of leeds. The course which I am on is a computing and business management degree. I can't wait to be graduated (hope one day) and start something more interesting and of course a job. I am going to write about making freinds as most of us find it defficult. I hope that the following tips help you to find some new freinds from different countries, nationalities, background or even from your own country.

Obviously there are losts of talks and articles about making friendship and finding out about other cultures either online or offline which sounds very easy perhaps mostly from the successful people's point of view. But many people find it quite tricky how to be a friend with someone. May be it's because we percieve things differentely or conclude things so quickly with any further clarification. There are a few hints which might help you if you think it's impossible and the reality is that, nothing is impossible if you try and never give up. Of course it is sadden when we hear too much about security issues and things that are happening globaly or our own safety these days. Yes, just a little bit carelessness put your life at risk or at least you will lose something if not your life.

So, please be carefull of who you are chating to or what they want from you. Some basic tips about making friends;

1. Don't just sit there and wait for someone to contact you first. Be that first person yourself.

2. Read profiles carefully and point out some questions

3. Do not rely on the picture since that could be anyone

4. If the profile seems interesting, request more pictures (just in case it is a fake profile)

5. Show interests in other people's profile

6. Comment on their profiles or pictures

7. When you write comment, make sure that is genuine

8. Ask prompt questions because it helps you to find out what you want as well as recepient thinks that you are not a time waster.

9. Do not give out your details (address, phone etc) even if you think the person at the other end might be your neighbour. Believe me, it is easy for some people to fake their identity and make you believe that the person is your soul mate but they are not.

10. Always always please always get help and advice from your family members and relatives (but not from an stranger no way).

11. When someone writes to you, do not wait too long to respond, make it quicker as most of us hate waiting.

At the end I wish you all luck and please, please do not put your life or some elses life at risk as saying "A freind in need is a freind indeed (not freind in dead)".

Thank you for reading my blog.


05:03 PM Jul 28 2007


pretty good!

because of these helpful tips ,we can walk longer and easier.

thank u very much!

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