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August 19, 2007

When I was 8 years old I faced the opportunity of learning a foreign language? What language should I learn? English, French,German or Chinese? It was a stumbling block for me. So I made up my mind to make a move and learn all the languages one by one. English was the 1 on my to-learn list.


Now when I am doing my 4 year in the University I give it a good thought. What language should one learn to be confident in the world? So English? Here are some reasons why English should be taken as the first foreign language!

1. Bill Gates speaks English. So sending out your resume he may  by any chance sort out among the piles of other resumes yours. You may join one of the greates and reachest companies in the world thanks to ongoing passion for English

2. How many T-shirts are covering the dust in your wardrobe? I guess there is a good pile of them. In many cases they have got lots of slogans on it. So going out in your favourite T-shirt you don't have a single idea of what's writen on it. you may  proudly be sailing down the street with the slogan like 'fuck off' or My name is Usama bin Laden or kick me right now! The option is pretty wide. You should be well aware of the teeny-weeny unremarkable slogan that's on your T-shirt. So learn English to learn what's  going on on your T-shirt! 

3. All the men are heads over ears in love with Pamela Anderson. In this case you MUST know English to track down the latest up-dates of her goings-on! 

Heaps of luck! And learn English! 


11:37 AM Aug 19 2007


Hi some one there

I think the firdt country accupied the others is ENGLAND, which at that time called (the EMPEROR not the sun set on it). and I think also after independent moves which appears at the second half of the 20th century to most countries, particularly at Africa inspit of these moves but still our countries needs an English Language, there is a culture, a civilization, an Arts, or other informations among our hand at our African Countries so how we got it.

other reason, after the second world war which happen at the last 1st half of 20th Century, the conqueror countries whom invite to make United Nations, and still they are the controler of the world, but Germany and Japan inspit of their huge economic but a few peoples who want to learn their Language, and eventhough they are themselve need to learn an English Language

If any other want to discuss, my e-mail is: a_alnoor1@hotmail.com          

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