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August 16, 2011


If you are new to iPhone speakers systems ,it will be learning curve ,.fortunately ,our goal at iPhone speaker reviews ,is to help you figure out what you need through well though out of information .


1. Brand Reputation





If you found this information helpful and purchase an iPhone speaker ,pls help by leaving a review .


02:25 AM Aug 17 2011


One of the basic functions of the iPhone is an easy-to-use speakerphone. This tool allows you to simultaneously speak to a group gathered in a room. Once you learn to use the iPhone speakerphone, you can communicate more effectively from anywhere in the world.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions
    • 1

      Press the green "Phone" key on the main screen of your iPhone. This key has a silhouette of a traditional hand receiver and is located on the bottom part of the screen.

    • 2

      Begin to use your speakerphone by making a call or accepting a call from other participants. You can make a call by going to your "Contacts" list or activating the keyboard and dialing a number. Incoming phone calls can be accepted by pressing the "Accept" key underneath the caller ID.

    • 3

      Activate the "Speaker" function on your iPhone when you are ready to use your speakerphone. This button is located above the caller's information and allows you to switch on and off with one tap of your finger.

    • 4

      Put participants on hold while you use your iPhone speakerphone. There is a "Hold" key at the bottom of the calling screen that lets you speak to people without bringing callers into the conversation.

    • 5

      Access your contact information over the Internet while you use your speakerphone. You can reach the main page of your iPhone by pressing the "Home" button if you are on hold. The iPhone does not allow you to play music or use other audio options while on hold because you are still on the phone.

    • 6

      Adjust the volume level before you begin a conference using your speakerphone. There are volume buttons on the side of the iPhone that provide detailed control over speaker sound levels.

    • 7

      Mute the speakerphone if you must leave your office or take a break from a conversation. The "Mute" key is available on the call screen and instantly cuts off your microphone and the speaker.

    • 8

      Add new contacts to your iPhone that you have called on your speakerphone. You can go back to your "Recent Calls" list or the keyboard to find numbers to add to your "Contacts" list.

Tips & Warnings
  • Set up a multi-caller conference using your iPhone's speakerphone. You can start the process by pressing the "Speaker" option while speaking to the first caller. As additional participants dial your number, you can press the "Add Calls" key to get everyone involved in your conversation.

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