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March 28, 2014

 Be a little more resilient…

     To those of you out there on the verge of despair, battling with setbacks after setbacks, I’d like to urge you to never give up on your well thought out objectives. It is important not to mistake a setback for failure. Should you ever experience any type of disappointment at anything you’ve put so much effort into, let that never be an excuse to give up on your dream.

      Achieving a dream is not an easy task – If you think about it – you’ll often hear “I’m chasing a dream…” not the other way around [a dream is chasing me], that’s unheard of, unconceivable and utterly obsolete if you think you’re entitled to success without breaking a sweat. Once you’ve come to terms with the inevitable fact that you must chase your dream, you’ll need one key thing, which is an iron-clad determination; if you’re going to have a winning chance in that chase. You’ll also need an action plan of your choosing. In fact, I would recommend more than just one; it’s always safe to have Plan Bs and Cs (Reaction Plans, I call them) to fall back on, should the first one come short.

    It’s only March and I’ve already been through all the circles of hell, and back. I’ve hopped from one setback onto another and the next; it seems I’m going to set a record this year. But I had vowed to be more resilient; I set my mind to make this year count as a successful one, come rain or shine.

…don’t quit.

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