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October 14, 2010

Hi folks, It has been awhile since i last updated.

I have to believe that time flies. I'm making good used of time to do writing because I was so boring!!! Just get me out here quick. I keep on reminding myself next month is my last month thus that's something keeping me motivate.

To create the motivation of doing things that you don't like, best  is to countdown till the deadline. I used this tactic before and it worked, well, at least for me.

Twist and turn, i am perplexed to the options.

I need guidance, Best is to tell me frankly so that i need not to be so stress out. Reading back all the old entries have somehow evoked me. Especially when you made the compromised in the past and now is like an examination to see if you have achieved it. Well, mine is 50/50. Nothing comes in a way that you expect life is, so just take it and follow the flow. I am here to say, things have changed pretty much compared to my plan. As a result, i am stuck in this environment and leading with no exact answer. Guess what? I am pending the answer. To human beings that are handling my application please be efficient and nice to me. I need your dear help badly.

 Few days i ago i sat for a test which was what people generally assumed would be easier. As for me, i had the tremendous pressure that put on my shoulder despite i knew it was just a test. I just need to say, system is different and i am not familiar with it. Counting down the days to finish my job also indicating me that the 15 business days are coming soon. Oh no, someone please slow down the time. That's crazy!!!!!!!

Okay that's all for now

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