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June 6, 2017

Hi all, this is my first post! I am an essay writer at essayshark site and this is my contribution to the community of English learners. Feel free to use my essay for your educational purposes. I hope it will help you write essay online right now.

Symbolic Meaning of the Ancestors in ‘Beowulf’ Poem

Beowulf is designated to heroic deeds, that is why the issues of family relations and social positions become increasingly important, as they are closely connected with personal and national identity. Heritage of ancestors and establishing authority are two key priorities for the heroes of the poem. In this poem, the reader discovers the world built on patriarchal relations, as every respectable man acts like his father to be a hero, a reliable represent of heroic code.

Family bonds and reputation of ancestors are two factors that made Hrothgar a respectable lord, as he was a represent of the legendary and authoritative Scyldings and, as a result, was dowered with the rich heritage and loyal servants. This example proves that characters in this poem are able to express themselves only through referring to their family relations and lineage.

Now let's move to another scene when Hrothgar heard who was Beowulf's father and told that Beowulf was a dignified bearer of the family. Besides, this poem glorifies father-son relationship built on mutual respect, confidence, and trust. The relationship between Beowulf and Hrothgar also looks like father-son connection, despite the fact that there were not any family bonds between them. 

To sum it all up, it is worthy to say that heroes of the poem took pride on their ancestors' valiant actions and fame, that is why it became critically important for them to follow behavior models dictated by the ancestors or even act more heroically. Besides it, heroic code can be called a main characteristic trait of the poem, especially if taking into consideration symbolic relation between heroic code and valiant actions of ancestors. As a consequence, it can be assumed that ancestors' actions were the main source of the tendency towards heroism, what made characters of the poem brave and valorous.


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