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Hey everyone! I really like English language, but unfortunately not good at it at all. I would like to change it and try to make new friends in process.





Russian Federation

Moscow Go Super!

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I’m very fond of reading. I like to draw, but I’m not very successful in it. Also I like video games. I can’t say that I’m professional, but I like spend some time playing.

I like good talk without harsh arguing. I like discussing thing that i’m interesting at. And I also like fanfiction. Not all, but there are some really good and interesting pieces of literature. And tv shows. And books. And history. And history books) And many other things.

Shouting and insulting. That makes me nervous. Don’t like too sweet things. They make my teeth ache. Don’t like too cold or too hot weather. And mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes very very much.

Violet and yellow

Potato casserole (i’m not sure if i wrote it correctly. Google translator can be very tricky)

Carrot juice

Soundtracks from different films. They are awesome.

I haven’t got one, I think. Don’t like watch movies even twice.

: Fanfiction.net and ficbook.net