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6 Ways to Take Your Sewing Quality to Another Level

Sewing is not a piece of a cake as it seems to be. It requires observation power, focus, and energy. If you are not putting all your hard work on your project then definitely there is going to be a blunder in your work. No matter if you are a beginner but we all want to level up our game sometimes in the life to be a professional. To complete with people who are in the same profession as ours requires a lot of efforts and practice.

When we go for the shopping to any mall or shop then before buying the dress, we look for the quality of the stitching and if there are going to be broken stitches or other defects then we will not buy it. In the same way, it doesn’t matter whether you are sewing for the practice or for someone else the quality of your sewing must be above all.

I am presenting you some of the greatest tips to level up your sewing quality game this year, turn yourself into the pro. Start your work with the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes and for more information visit this link.

6 Ways to Take Your Sewing Quality to Another Level

1. Clipping:

One thing can ruin your whole project when you are sewing. Use proper tools when you are stitching anything on your machine because it takes a lot of hard work and effort to prepare something by sewing. When you are stitching a seam on a curve, to save yourself from trouble or alteration, always use clips at the corner.

If you are not going to use the clips at the corners then definitely your beautiful neckline is going to get ruined. If you clip it then your dress will look much more professional as well as flat.

2. Ironing:

In order to elevate your sewing game, the best thing you can do is to focus on ironing. If your clothes are not ironed properly then definitely your sewing will look rough. Spend more time at your ironing station as much as you spend on your sewing machine. Ironing plays an important role in turning any project into the clean and professional state.

If you want to view the difference between the proper iron clothes and without ironing clothes then sew and check it by yourself. The cleanliness will make you wonder how a single thing can make a major difference in your work.

3. Test Settings

Before you start any project make sure the settings of the sewing machine is on point. This rule applies when you are sewing a difficult fabric or kind of clothing you never sew before. Take a piece of that clothing and always test how is it going? If the stitches are not up to the mark then use another needle or change the thread. Check the setting as well.

At the time of starting any project, you should make sure whether everything is on point or not? Every professional seamstress always checks the setting on the scrap pieces before applying it on the project. One wrong thing can destroy the whole fabric for you and this may cause you a major trouble later. If you are a newbie then learn everything on a basic machine. To get more information, read Helpful Review On Best Basic Sewing Machine For Beginners - Good Machines For The Money.

Using the best sewing machine for beginners to make clothes

4. Slow Your Pace:

So most of the seamstress may find themselves guilty of this. When you are in a practice session, take your time and keep your sewing pace slow. Fast work may help you in jumping to the next project but it may also get you in trouble. Before folding or doing any changes in the fabric make sure there is no pressure in the middle or you are doing everything right?

Due to the deadlines and less time, a seamstress may take the track of fast speed but this is not suitable for the quality work. This will work for you once you are a pro and when you are doing a number of projects in a day. Otherwise, take your time and enjoy each project.

5. Preparation of Fabric:

At the time of buying fabric from any store get all the information about it like what kind of preparations are required before you start sewing them. Some fabrics are delicate in nature and the requirements are different like the wash in cold water or wash in hot water or dry cleaned them.

Never start your sewing without preparing your fabric for it. Prewashing of the fabric enhances the quality of sewing. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer at the time of preparing clothes for the sewing purpose. Always wash and dry and then start the project to get the best results of your hard work and efforts.

6. Raw Edges:

Sewing comes up with lots of technical points only seamstress could understand. Raw edges are one of the things which can actually make people reject your fine stitched dress. To cover up the raw edges and to flaunt your pro skills, you should always join a strip of fabric neatly on the edges. The strip should be of same cloth otherwise it will look unprofessional and ugly.

If you will cover up the raw edge seam then it’s going to look an amazing as well as cleanly stitched piece of cloth. You should always take care of the precise and clean cutting. These small technical points can help you in moving forward once you are in a profession and open for orders. Always choose cheap machines to begin your work with and to understand the basic things like the best affordable sewing machine for beginners at https://craftsselection.com.


Right from the beginning, it’s essential to focus on the small points. These technical things can elevate your sewing game and you will be able to open yourself up for the orders. Cleanliness and neat stitching are one the main factors in keeping your game strong. If you will take care of the above-mentioned points then definitely that day is near when you can actually help people in learning about sewing.