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Class 1 Laser Measure: What are the Advantages

Laser measures are classified into different categories depending on several factors and for safety reasons. There are 7 different categories of lasers, these are; class 1, class 1M, class 2, class 2M, Class 3R, Class 3B, and class 4. Whether you are looking for the best laser measure for architects or a home DIY   laser measure, it is important to have some understanding of these laser categories for clarification purposes.

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Types of Laser Measures and Meanings

The class1 lasers are generally low-risk lasers that are safe under reasonable and foreseeable use, and these include the optical instrument for intra-beam measurements. The class M lasers do possess wavelengths ranging from 302.5 and 4000 nm and they are generally considered safe except when used in conjunction with optical aids like binoculars. The class 2 lasers are those that generally do not allow human exposure to wavelengths beyond class 2 categories. This means you can only be exposed to wavelengths between 300 and 700 nm with these laser measures. Any emissions beyond this wavelength range should be below the class 1 AEL.

The class 2M lasers do have wavelengths of between 300 and 700 nm and can be very dangerous when used with optical instruments. Any emissions that come outside of this wavelength region must be below the class 1 AEL.  The Class 3R lasers are those that operate within 302.5 and 106 nm. These laser measures can be quite hazardous to humans but the risks are much lower than the class 3B laser measures. The accessible emission limits of Class 3R lasers are 5 times those of class 2 AEL wavelengths that are normally within 300 and 700 nm. The class 3B lasers are generally hazardous especially under the direct beam viewing conditions, they are however safe when viewing them in diffuse reflections. 

The class 4 laser measures are generally hazardous whether they are viewed in intra-beam or diffuse reflection viewing conditions. These laser measure beams may also cause fire hazards and skin-related injuries. 

What are the Features and Advantages of Class 1 Laser Measures?

Any laser measure that cannot emit laser radiation at levels known to cause skin or eye injury during normal operations is considered a class 1 laser measure. For this reason, laser measure class 1 comes with numerous safety benefits that will guarantee safe use for measuring distances between two distances. Though class 1 laser measures are generally safe, you will still need to avoid direct eye contact with the laser beam because it can cause permanent blindness.

The best laser measuring device offers so many benefits in addition to general safety. The ideal laser measure offers great accuracy. They are recommended for human use not just for safety reasons, but also for the high level of accuracy they offer when measuring. You can find a class1 laser measure with between 1/8” to 1/32” even at low costs.

One great benefit of class 1 laser measure is that it comes with a wide range of distance covered. For instance, you can have a class1 laser measure with a distance range of over 300 meters and you can find some with ranges as low as 60meters. Lower distance range class 1 laser measures are best suited for home DIY measurements while the longer-range distances are best suited for outdoor and professional measurement purposes. 

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Data memory is another feature or benefits you can expect from a typical class 1 laser measure. While the average tools can store 10-20 memory groups, advanced class 1 laser measures can store up to 30 memory groups at once. The memory group simply means your last 20 or 30 measurements. This means you can retrieve such information at any time. 

Are There Other Importance and Benefits of Class 1 Laser Measures?

In addition to the importance and benefits highlighted above, it will be interesting to know that class 1 laser measures offer much more than you can ever imagine. Many people do underrate these class1 laser measures when it comes to durability and adaptability to external conditions. Fortunately, most Class 1 laser measures today come with IP54 dust and waterproof technology to protect them from water and dust spoilage. With such protection, your device will have significant resistance to agents that can damage them or reduce their functionality and accuracies. 

Another benefit of class 1 laser measure is that it can be charged in multiple ways. Many of these laser measures come with rechargeable batteries and some also work on disposable batteries. In addition to rechargeable batteries, many of these laser measures come with a USB charging port where you can charge them from your computer, and there is also a direct current charging port. When fully charge, you can use a typical laser measure for several days and record thousands of measurements. Some brands will include extra batteries in their package just to save you the costs of replacing batteries after every few years.  Keep in mind that disposable batteries can cost you more in the long run because such batteries may only last for a few weeks and are not rechargeable. 

Finally, most laser class1 measures do offer a wide range of accessories that come along with their product packages. From laser tape measure reviews, you can identify the laser measure accessories that will work best for you. The carry pouch or bag for instance is one of the common accessories you can find with these tools and such accessories will add to the safety and transportation of the devices. You may also find accessories like tripod stands which might be helpful when you are measuring at elevated heights outdoors. Keep in mind that the more the accessories included, the more the costs you can save in the long run. The   Best Laser Measure in The Market - Ultimate Laser Tape Measure Reviews offers more insight into the top best class 1 laser measures you can find.




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