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Just When Does League Time 11 Begin And End? League of Legends Season 11 will be out in the near future. The Season 10 ranked rewards have been handed out and the focus is on patch 11.1. We have all the info we have on League's coming season, and the date it'll be taking place. League of Legends has just concluded its 10th season. Riot Games celebrated its 10th anniversary with major tournaments, new champions, and Worlds 2020. Every LOL player needs to know about When the LOL season 11 starts? However, with the season ending in ranked mode the focus is now focused on Season 11. While we've seen significant changes to the map or runes in the past, this season, the concentration is on items. When will League of Legends Season 11 start? Season 11 does not automatically start when the season 10 is over. There's a preseason phase that lasts for about two months during which Riot examines the changes in the general population. players will be able to play with no worry of losing their status. Whenever you want a knockout post about LoL game, check here. But, the preseason is getting ready to end. Riot has set the 8th of January 2021 as the official start date for League of Legends Season 11. This announcement comes a few days after League patch 11.1 launched on January 6. The patch kicks into the new year in style. How to stream the reveal stream of League Season 11's season We've already played through preseason, Riot has more plans beyond the item rework for 2021. The details will be revealed during the League of Legends Season 11 reveal livestream. The broadcast is scheduled for January 8 at 7am PST. All over the world, that's 10am ET, 3pm GMT, and 2am AEDT on the 9th of January. Livestreams are available below. The biggest changes in League of Legends Season 11 will be the item rework. More than half of the items available within the game will be updated during the update. Statistics like critical strike and cooldown reduction are also being revised. The latter is currently labeled ability haste, and is being rewritten to remove the 40% cap. Riot plans to make critical strikes more accessible as they attempt to get rid of the RNG element. When the LOL season 11 starts? LoL Season 11 was launched on January 8th, 2021. It does appear to be the earliest start. Riot will also introduce changes to the minions to try to shift power from mid-lane to different roles. There could be unannounced changes in the next few weeks. League Season 10 ranked rewards Similar to every season up to this one, the skin Victorious is on offer for players who are Gold or above. In Season 10, the champion bestowed with that honor is Lucian. Players who achieve Platinum or more will receive additional chromos to match their rank at the end of their journey. Don't be discouraged if you do not get to Gold. You'll still receive an icon with a rank and a ranked profile banner cut to reflect your position. Lucian's Series 1Eternals set will be given to all. When do League of Legends season 11 come to an end? Season 11 in LOL game will conclude in November 2021. Although there's no specific date set by Riot yet, the ending dates from previous seasons could help us make an informed assumption. Except for League's initial season, all other seasons ended in the second week of November. That means that season 11 should wrap up between Nov. 8 and 12. Riot will release additional details regarding the exact dates and reward when the season closes. The preseason will begin immediately after the season has come to an end. over. Your rank will not be lost during the preseason. It'll reset only when the next season begins. You can still be ranked higher in the preseason , however the rewards you earn will depend on the position you'll finish the season with.





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