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Did you know that just 2percent of purchases are made during the initial contact point? Even less than 10 percent of purchases are made in the fourth contact point. In the average, a consumer has between 5 to 8 contact times before they make a purchase. These moments together form the customer journey and the journey is different for every customer. It is very important to respond well to this with your communication, so that potential customers receive the correct information at the appropriate time. The process of making a purchase is called the marketing and sales funnel. What is a funnel used for? As we mentioned in the intro, a consumer requires between 5 to 8 contact times in order to make a purchase. Annoying? Actually, it's quite the opposite! This gives you the opportunity to promote your business and your products or services in such the way that people won't forget about you. Customer journey The journey of a customer begins by establishing the moments of contact which lead to a sale. Experts and marketers have developed a variety of models for this however, the AIDA model is by far the most popular. The following stages are included in the AIDA model Attention: The customer knows that you're aware of a specific need and is willing to purchase your product or services. The customer begins to express interest in your products Customer's Desire: Customers need to buy your product. Action: The customer purchases your product Each stage of the model needs a unique strategy and message. It is not making sense to start communicating pricing and packages when the client isn't aware of your product and certainly does not have the desire to purchase it. Time and efficiency The Dakota Burford luxvoni marketing makes it possible to have a more efficient distribution between marketing and sales. It also reduces time and is used by your employees. A funnel that is automated ensures that your website and communication ensure a steady flow of leads 24 hours a day. Marketing is able to focus on this channel's communication while sales can focus on prospects during the final part of the customer journey. Informing and providing advice Consciously or unconsciously, customers are required to be informed and advised by experts when purchasing. They would like to be guided to ensure they make the right decision. This is the reason a sales and marketing funnel can be helpful. It lets you present your company and product as the solution your customer needs.





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