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July 28, 2006

Hi. to all of you. ... 
    i'm young designer (constructor) from poland .. and  i wanted to say that I hate those of people whose wearing a bleck suit .. those of them who call themselvs a gov people .. thay rules our coutryies but thay can rules us .... couse ...

"(...)There comes a time when we need a certain call
   When the world must come together as one
   There are people dying
   Oh, and it's time to lend a hand to life
   The greatest gift of all"

   so if u see a poor guy ... don't  go around ... couse this guycan be a victim of rules of  our politics, of our sytems.... i know .. u all think that we Polish people are pure and we all drink too much ..... a can prove to u all thet we all are the same ...  so iuf u have somtin to write for it ... just write ..    and .. all the best for u 

09:05 AM Oct 10 2006


you are right. i like you about what you said.

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