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Cone crushers aren't a new technology used in the machine sector. They were invented over a century ago for secondary, tertiary and even quaternary reduction of material. Like other compression crushers, cone crushers also have a chamber for crushing, or the crushing cavity in which the stone is crushed down to the size that is minimal. The specific chamber for crushing in the cone crusher actually the space between the mantle and the concaves. Both of these are protected from the regular wear by manganese liners that can be changed. The best place to buy crusher wear components is qimingcasting. Whether you expect extra resources on shredder wear parts, look at more info. The selection of the top cone crusher liner There are numerous options for liner systems that can hold coarse and fine feeds. But your liner selection will be contingent on the factors you take into consideration. The feed is the most important factor in choosing the right cone crusher liner. It should be made up of the highest graded feed that will go into the crushing chamber of the present. The top graded feed is often referred to as Closed side setting Closed side setting: between 0 and 10% 40-60 % of the population is passing the midpoint. Closed side feed opening passes between 90% and 100%. Some of the individuals take a look at around 80 percent of the open side also and pick the lesser of the two. Users must match the full grade of the feed and not just its size so that you use the entire chamber. It is essential to utilize the maximum amount of the crushing chamber as is possible to achieve the desired and the required reduction. The parallel zone is the place where the most wear happens, however smaller feeds can have some wear. You will also create a pocket in the parallel zone too fast. In addition, if the dimension of the feed is small, then the material of the feed will continue to penetrate through its opening and causes the tops of the liners to fall out quickly. Since the opening of the feed is obstructed which means that throughput will be reduced and the production is reduced. The output shade will be more coarse and the result is slanting and not cubical. The volume limit won't be exceeded even at the lowest power draw if you are taking into account the limit on volume. What is the significance of the liner's selection? While operating the cone crusher, selection of the liner is the most important thing for its proper and routine functions. It is essential to choose the correct cone crusher liner to fit your particular machine in order to make sure it operates efficiently and is sold efficiently. A good cone crusher liner can bring greater benefits for the performance of your cone crushing machine. When selecting the cone crusher liner apron feeder pans It is crucial to note that it needs to have the most efficient discharge setting to match the specifications for your closed side for the product you create. When you do it, you can achieve the higher durable wear over the course of the life of the liner. The right liner will ensure that your amplifier draw is constant and minimizes the chance that your cone crusher will be damaged by bounce. Once you've mastered how to select the right liner for your cone crusher machine, it is crucial to know how to avoid these liners. In general, liners that exceed their planned operating life might cause mechanical problems in your cone crusher. Liners that are pushed for a longer time can crack and bend. This bending of such cracked or thin mantle could result in some severe damage to the seat surface. There are two signs when there is a moment to replace the cone crusher liner , including, Production level If you notice a decrease of 10 percent or more in the production rate This is the right moment to replace your cone crusher's liner. Liner thickness If the liner is wearing evenly throughout the chamber, you have to think about changing it once the size of the liner is dropping to approximately 1 inch or 2.5 cm thick on the lowest. A few cone crushers feature an automatic liner change reminder. To avoid hassles, you can set up an automatic reminder into your existing cone crusher to make it easier.





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