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G2 Esports have hired veteran bot-laner Martin "Rekkles" Larsson after he left their main rivals Fnatic. This is the final G2 League of Legends LEC team for 2021, after they announced the departure of fellow ADC Perkz to Cloud9. G2's LEC roster is mostly unchanged, with Wunder, Jankos, Caps and Mikyx. Rekkles is who was a former Fnatic player Caps is now joining G2. The announcement has been teased for quite a long time, with Bloop from Esportmaniacos first revealing that Rekkles might have been looking to explore his options before finally revealing Rekkles has been signed by G2 prior to the announcement went live. This statement was made by G2 on their official website. Rekkles made it clear the reasons he chose not to renew his contract with Fnatic and decided to join G2 during the off-season. Buyboosting allows you to determine Why G2 Might be struggling with Rekkles? "My aim was always to establish myself to be one of the most successful players in the game and, despite winning four EU titles as well as an Worlds silver medal, I'm still not content," Rekkles said. "This is the reason I signed up with G2. They're an incredible organisation and a great company. Winning Worlds is as much of an ultimate goal for them like it is for me. It was simple for me to accept their invitation join. "I'm extremely excited about this opportunity and to witness the results we will accomplish." The man who was once regarded as the face of London-based org Fnatic, Rekkles' departure really marks the end of a period that saw Rekkles as well as Fnatic collect several accolades together. He has been on several occasions with Fnatic from late 2012 onwards. G2's dominance over LEC over the last two years, it appears to have changed Rekkles' head. "Rekkles will create his own way here, and I know the G2ARMY will be there to help him along the path. He said he'd be the winner of Worlds. He will. With G2." said G2's owner Carlos 'ocelote' Rodriguez Santiago. Fans of Fnatic are eager to see who replaces Rekkles. The former Origen bot-laner Upset is the top contender after Crownshot, an ex- SK Gaming player, tweeted that he won't play at LEC. Rumours also suggest that Fnatic could sign YamatoCannon, their head coach, and Cloud 9 midlaner Nisqy as replacements for Nemesis. There is no doubt that G2 is the most likely team to continue their dominance of Europe however, if they can achieve their goal of finally winning Worlds and breaking the iron hold of the LCK and LPL The time will tell. Rekkles is a contender to win Worlds But will he? The off-season is now in full swing it's a reminder of how team rosters can change in a variety of ways from year to season. Fnatic's rollercoaster splits in the LEC and their disappointment in their Worlds quarterfinals defeat to Top Esports saw them lose an 2-0 lead before losing 3-2. It was obvious that some kind of modification was required. However, Rekkles his departure, which I'm not finding it surprising but it is huge. It's probably the biggest change we'll see in the off-season. Rekkles wasn't just a good ADC for Fnatic He was also their star player. Being a London-based organization I follow Fnatic closely. I am interested in how players react when they lose their teammate, as well as how they bounce back after poor games. For me, I felt at times Rekkles was not in harmony with the other players. They weren't winning as often and were also faced with a difficult match. Rekkles helped the players when they seemed somewhat confused or disorganized in mid-game. At times, he would perform them or show skills that were different to his colleagues. I'm not declaring that Fnatic aren't bad not at all, but I'm just saying I found it difficult to believe that Rekkles was a bit different to his teammates and sometimes there was no unity there. He was patient and had a consistency that they didn't. My view. This shift to G2 is an excellent thing for both of them and Rekkles. They will feel a sense of security and an increase in their confidence. Of optimism. Of hope. They are hoping to lift the Worlds trophy. They have come so close before - reaching the final, the semi-final... The next decision could be what it takes for them to reach the final. However, for every star player like Rekkles, there is an unproven rookie who has the potential to become a star player. G2 has improved but so will other players. They'll need to be aware of this. One year is quite a time in esports. Who is going to be the hero of Worlds 2021? Rekkles once told me in an interview that 'if you're willing give 110 percent, you'll be able to accomplish anything'. He said to me "I've always been competitive since my early years playing sports. I couldn't play just to have amusement." He talked about being open-minded and thinking outside the box and patience and waiting for the right moment, and being patient crucial to climbing to the top. Rekkles has waited long enough - now he would like to win the most prestigious prize. Rekkles has the potential to be a winner. But can he? Esports can be anything and even in one game. If they wish to be victorious at Worlds, G2 and Rekkles will need to demonstrate a level of consistent performance that is unparalleled. It's exciting to see them try.





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