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If you're an attorney, you've probably heard about law firm SEO services. While SEO is an important part of your online presence, it doesn't mean you should ignore other elements of your strategy. The best way to ensure that your website ranks high in search engines is to focus on local search terms. If your firm's services are local, clients can find you easily. But, you must make sure that your site converts visitors to phone calls. If your website doesn't appear on Google's first page, your clients aren't going to find you. This is because 99% of clicks take place on the first page of a SERP. Once they get to the second page, there's no reason to stay there. Instead, your website should appear on the top page of the SERP, where potential clients are most likely to visit your site. So, if you're a lawyer, you should hire a law firm SEO company to boost your rankings on Google and other search engines. Another element of law firm SEO is the use of blogs. Regularly updated content gets rewarded by Google, so it's a good idea to keep updating your blogs regularly. Additionally, blog posts allow you to target research-based search terms, which have high traffic. So, a law firm SEO service can beat the competition in this area. So, what exactly are the benefits of hiring a law firm SEO service? So, what are the best things to consider when choosing a company to optimize your website? Ihor Lavrenenko