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"Uh-huh." Fine With a snort of discontentment, as if he hadn't heard what I said, he didn't even look at me. Zhuge Kongming threw the giant sword in his hand into the air, and the dark sword disappeared. He waved his sleeve as if bored. "It's boring to win too fast!"! "" "I lost?" Uncle Qing, who couldn't figure out the situation, looked at a loss, which made me have an impulse to beat him. No, I have to stand up, comrades, stand up.. You.. Uh Zhuge Kongming walked up to Huiqing and stared at him for a moment. "Are you from the snake clan?" He said with a smile? Don't lose too early! "I will win!" Huiqing said coldly, describing what he was about to do without contempt or pride! "So good." As soon as the word "good" fell, I felt a "whoosh" and a gust of wind caressed my face, with a strong fragrance of osmanthus. Who is it, sir? Funny tight! How I wish that the feeling now is just my illusion, but it is not an illusion, a hand, a warm hand is gently, back and forth from behind scraping my lovely snake head, looking at the blue silver clump a face of shock and as if facing a formidable enemy, with my snake buttocks want to know, I stand behind a man, this man is Zhuge Kongming! Chapter 84 "Yo.." Sexy but perverted voice came from behind, scared me all over the snakeskin a burst of contraction,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "What's wrong?"! Little monster, can't change back to human form? How interesting I looked back in shock and stared at the white man behind me. How did he know? At first, I thought it was the broken tail that made me weak, but now I have restored the snake's tail, but I still can't change back to human form. Could it be that. I looked up and down suspiciously at Zhuge Kongming with a smiling face. "Oh.." It has nothing to do with me. Last night was the demon moon in the sky once in a thousand years, releasing the demon power. His slender phoenix eyes glanced at me. "It seems to be similar to the original immortal power of the little demon." Ke, oh. "Whew.." Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with me. Uh The little monster. His voice began to pervert again, "the candidate of the snake clan attaches great importance to you." Cut,calcium ammonium nitrate price, that dead ash attaches importance to the ghost, I help him to refuel, he ignored me, I was entangled by you this pervert, he did not come to rescue. Eh? The good eye of the sword on Zhuge Kongming's neck Ripe! It seems that when he was seven hundred years old, Huiqing used his ten thousand pieces of snake scales to refine the'clear sword '! (Don't laugh! Originally, he was named'Silver Snake Sword ', but I thought it was old-fashioned to force him to name it. He was so angry that he vomited blood, so he had to neutralize it and called it'Clear Sword '! "Ah, ah, ah." Zhuge Kongming sighed softly, "it's amazing.." A figure appeared from behind Zhuge Kongming. It was Huiqing, but how could he turn pale? There was a trace of blood on the corners of his mouth? "Ah, ah, ah." The pervert suddenly put his hand on my head and stroked it gently, ignoring the sword that Huiqing suddenly pressed against his neck. "It can break through my immobilization by force!" What? Immobilization (when was it done?) ? Huiqing broke through by force? That will hurt the inner alchemy? I looked at Huiqing anxiously. Damn it, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, don't put on that dead face at this time. ! "Oh.." With a light laugh, Zhuge Kongming suddenly disappeared from the grey sword. "Interesting, interesting, give you a reward!" I was shocked! The disappeared figure suddenly appeared in front of me and kissed my lovely … Snake mouth! …… I'm sorry, Huiqing.. I have a nosebleed! "Let go!" With a low shout, the sword was thrust out, and the figure in front of me flashed by with white gauze, embracing me and flying to one side. "Ah, ah, ah." It's so dangerous! The man continued to provoke Huiqing's anger. God, Huiqing's face was already gray and purple! I struggled to push him away, "Huiqing, I'm coming, you let me go, Huiqing, you don't move, your wound!" "Yo!" Zhuge Kongming suddenly asked with a smile, "really want me to let go?"? All right, I'm loose, snake.. Uh See you at midnight tonight! With these words, he loosened his hand, and when I looked back, his figure had disappeared. Suddenly felt a chill, looked down, hey, what I restored to human form! Hey, hey, I'm back in human form. ? "Poof.." The sound of something spouting! "Hiss.." This, seems to be something flowing out of the sound! Two different voices came, I looked up, Huiqing spitting blood, half kneeling on the ground, while the blue silver clump beside him, he was stupefied, with suspicious liquid dripping from his mouth, staring at him without blinking. Looking at me, I remembered that I had turned into a human form, naked all over, but looking at the slightly unstable grey that was about to fall to the ground, I ran over screaming without shame. Ashen! I picked up Huiqing, who was already unable to support him, but he was so heavy that I could barely lift his tail! Looking at one side is still unconsciously drooling, stunned blue silver clump. I was angry: "What are you looking at?"? Why don't you come and help? You.. Do you want to get dressed first? He mumbled and dared not look at me. Shit! Stop talking nonsense, will you? I want to pick up the ash, but unable to do what I want, looking at the blue silver clump is still shrinking aside, I am anxious red eyes, "what are you looking at?"? What's there to be embarrassed about? ? Still look! Your chest muscles are a little bigger than yours! Chapter 85 "Whew.." Sweating profusely, I joined forces with Lan Yincong to lift Huiqing onto the couch where he rested. I took a long breath and casually pulled a quilt to put it on. Then I looked around at the resting place where Huiqing lived. I was jealous. Carved dragons and phoenixes, inlaid with gold and wrapped in silver, even the bed was cushioned with silk quilts. I was not afraid of the heat of Huiqing. It was only early autumn now! "Well.." A soft moan called back my fugue, and my grey lips were bloodshot again. Damn demon,Magnesium Sulphate producer, isn't he Zhuge Kongming? How could you do it so hard? I said bitterly as I carefully wiped the blood from his lips. Didn't Zhuge Liang in history help the kind-hearted Liu Bei seize the world? How could you do it so hard? "Cut!" One side of the blue silver Cong disdained to sniff, "when he was the emperor, he was even more brutal!"! Why didn't you say? 。 stargrace-magnesite.com