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February 14, 2008

   Image My Chinese name is Liu Chuhan and my English name is Jane. I have two big eyes and a small mouth. My eyes is not very good. So I have a pair of glasses.

      ImageMy mather is a teacher. She is teaching maths in Hai Zhou Zhi Jiao Zhong Xin and my father is a cook.He cooks many nice food. I love my mother and my father very much. I like English very much. Because English is very interesting. I like Science too. I like animals. I like rabbits and dogs. I see two idioms about animal. The one is say: It is never too late to mend. The last one is say: Add legs to the snake after you have finished drawing it. But I don’t like snake. It looks like very unfeeling. As the proverb says: Every man has his weak side. I have foible too. My foible is timid. I have two school. Jie Fang Lu primary school and Jin Ao school. I want to explore pyramids. Because they are very mystical.

      ImageThis is me. A cheerful and a pretty girl! 

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