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I'm here to study English. I'm not here to look for a romance or anything, so please don't send me that kind of request. Thank you.

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February 19, 2008

3 in the morning. Lota comes home. She cannot stop making noises when someone else's sleeping.Szabel wakes up.

Szabel - What time is it? Did you just come back?

Lota - None of your business. Go back to sleep.

Szabel -  You woke me up, Lota. Gosh it's 3 in the morning.

Lota - I'm going to take a shower.

Lota leaves.  Szabel sinks down into his pillows. Lota yells from the bathroom. 

Lota - I forgot to bring a bath towel with me. Pass me one if you're awake.

Szabel moans, but Lota can't hear. Szabel passes Lota a towel covering his eyes.

Lota - Thanks.

Szabel - I left dinner for you. It's on the table. 

Lota - You cooked again? Geez, nobody would pay you for dinner. You should just stop cooking and hang out, hook up with a sexy chick. Only if you can get one, though.

Szabel - Thanks, Lota.

Lota comes closer to Szabel. Silence.

Lota - It's been almost a month since I moved into your apartment but I've never seen you with a girl. Do you have a girlfriend?

Szabel - Lota, it's 3am. Let's talk tomorrow.

Lota - Well, I don't think it's going to take 30 minutes to answer my question. If you just have  answered instead of the silly comment you just said...

Szabel - Ok. I do not have a girlfriend, okay?

Lota - You don't look ugly though. I think you should just go out. Stop being such a geek.

Szabel - Thanks.

Lota - Good night.

Lota turned  to the other way and starts snoring.

Szabel - Good night.

8am. Szabel wakes up. Lota is still sleeping. Szabel takes a shower, has a quick break fast and leaves the apartment. Summer. Sunny day.Szabel meets his friend Lake.

Szabel - Hi.

Lake - Hey, how's it going? You look terrible today. What happened to your hair? It looks like a bird's nest or something. Anyway, is the hot chick still living in your apartment?

Szabel -  Yeah if you're talking about Lota.

Lake -  That one. How's she?

Szabel - How is she? I don't fucking know. I don't know anything about her. I don't even know why she is there. 

Lake - But that's good you found a roomie. You were looking for a new one since your ex left. Are you still in touch with her?

Szabel - No.

They walk into Starbucks. Lake buys black coffee, Szabel buys hot cocoa. They sit at the terrace. Lake starts smorking.

Lake - So?

Szabel - So?

Lake - About Lota!

Szabel - Oh, yeah. Anyway I don't know anything about her.

Lake - How old is she?

Szabel - I don't know. She looks like...around...20?

Lake - That's young. You should make sure that she's older than 18 before you...

Szabel - Thanks, Lake.

Lake - No worries, buddy.

Szabel - And she sometimes comes home really late. Like, 3 or 4 in the morning. I'm just worried what she's doing until that late.

Lake - You guys don't talk?

Szabel - Not really. Last night she said that I should get a girlfriend.

Lake - She's interested in you.

Szabel - No, not that way. She's just...looking down on me. That's it.

Lake finishes smorking. He looks at Szabel's drink.

Lake - Hot cocoa. In summer. Your kind.

Szabel -  So, how are the things with you?

Lake - Nothing has changed. I missed my promotion again.

Szabel - Again? Maybe that's not the right job for you. If I were in your position, I'd quit and try to find something which I'd be good at. You've been working at the company for over 5 years and you had only one promotion.

Lake - Yeah. True. I'll have a think. You know what, I have a big dream.

Szabel - What's that?

Lake - I want to own a restaurant.

Szabel - Can you cook?

Lake - Nope. But I know someone who's good at cooking. An amazing shef.

Szabel - Don't look at me.

Lake - You know, we should start doing something new. Life is shrot, and we wasted time already. I wasted 5 years at the fucking company, with only one promotion, and you wasted 3 years working at the old smelly bookstore.

Szabel - Not that bad.

Lake - You're talented. You can be the best shef in this country. Or in this world.

Szabel - You could win an Oscar.

Lake - I'm serious. Please think about it. I've been thinking about it for 6 months and I was waiting for the best timing to tell you.

Szabel - 6 months? Geez, you should have told me earlier.

Lake - I have savings. I know what to do.

Szabel - Why don't you just help your father's one.

Lake - No, I want to create something new. And something which is my kind. 

Szabel - Ok, I'll think about it. Give me 3 days.

Lake - Thanks. You're my best friend.

It starts raining. 

Szabel - Shoot, I got to go home.

Lake - Bes sheets?

Szabel - Yeah.  I hung it up this morning. I'll call you.

Lake - Ok, take care. Say Hi to Lacy.

Szabel - Lota.

Lake - That one.

They walk to different directions. 

01:21 AM Apr 17 2008


hi ,how are you .i am a girl .i want to find a frirend who can write email in english each other.i am very happy to be your friend ,i am from china

01:39 AM Apr 14 2008

Viet Nam

Nice to meet you . 

I'm new guy and I'm not good at English. Let me share some ideas .

I saw some small mistakes about vocabulary in your story but that's is ok .I really like your story .I'm waiting for the next episode .

08:07 AM Mar 22 2008


Viet Nam

so so

i'm interested in u story 

06:55 PM Mar 21 2008



wow. i see.

 all i have to do is learn english!

how can i get in touch with you together learn E?


03:54 AM Mar 10 2008


i am a job holder man , But my english profficency is very poor .so anybody help me ? for improved my english language

05:34 AM Mar 04 2008


Well,you did wonderful!But  how about the end?

 And   I  come from china, want to improve my english eagerly?  If possible ,let'S  chat  more!  

03:56 AM Mar 01 2008



look,we have the same target,so,why not sent messages

each other sometimes.

03:05 AM Feb 27 2008

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


my name is mahshid i'm from iran. i want to learn english.can you help me?

10:38 AM Feb 19 2008



This is the story my friend Mayu has wrote. I'm trying to translate it into English.

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