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February 23, 2008

I had a training in the hotel in 4 day ago. Oh, many interesting things and many new. Everyday, I begin my work at 6.00AM and finish at 2.00 PM, just 8 hour but really make me tired. I have to stand all time. I learn the way to serve guess in the restaurant, the way to set up everything in the table, the way to take it away. All of them are new knowledge with me. It had a little bit difficult but I done it with my best trying.I think time by time, it'll be fine with me.Nothing can
let me down, ^_^. 
Now, the inportant thing that I have to do is get some science which needs for my jop in the future. Wish everything will come true as I guess.

08:59 AM Feb 23 2008

United States

Standing for a long time is really hard part.

My wife is nurse and she stands for almost 12 hours when she works.

Everyday she get a swollen legs and I give her massage. 

I hope you enjoy your work and be healthy at the same time. 

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