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March 18, 2008

Since the first time climbing in May, 2006, I’ve fallen in love with itTongue out. However, I hadn’t gone to the Great Wall even once. In my opinion, I was thinking there was nothing except stones and sandYell. No living things there. Traveling to the Great Wall was just like going upstairs. In winter, it was cold; in summer, it was hot; in spring and autumn, no scene, either. At that time, for me, it was a waste of time and money enjoying myself on the Great Wall. In other landscape, we have more pleasure; in a storied building, we go and down stairs. It would be quite boring in the Great Wall, although many people highly praise it.


When I was sophomore, our Oral English teacher always said he hadn’t been to the Great Wall and would never go there. He often has his own special ideas and I agree most of his. Therefore, I was more sure not go there, the boring place. However, with several friends’ continual suggestion, finally I decided to try once. After all, it was all my suspicion, without evidence. When experienced it, I could be more confident to tell others that the Great Wall is nothing.


On February 23rd, I went to the Great Wall of Badaling, along with one of my best friends, Jing. The aim we traveled was to take exercise and to rouse ourselves from the long winter vocation. Some days before, some friends and we two, helped to welcome the foreigners who want to be volunteers in the 2008 Olympic Games, and pick up the new foreign students, finding that we were tired of doing anything. With new term’s coming, it is necessary to wake our spirits and have new visages in the new term. Both of us hadn’t been to any of the Great Wall.

 Early in the morning, we got on the No.919 bus to our destination, taking some necessities – bread, milk, water, camera, and so on. It took us about one hour and half. It was at that time that I recognized the Great Wall was surely attractive, in spite of the cold weather. With its picturesque scene, we were potty about itLaughing.  

The Great Wall is not only the magnum opus of human being but also the soul of China. And the Badaling Great Wall is the eximious representation of the Great Wall. On the peak of the Badaling, the Great Wall is towering. It goes up to the south peak and north peak from the Guan city, convolves on the ridge of Jundu mountain and Qian mountain. You cannot see its beginning and end. It disappears beyond. Many people climbed it, surfed the Great Wall, felt inspirited, sang the praises of it and gasped in admiration. The Great Wall which be created by the human being will be your nice mind forever. The Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world that created by human being. If you come to China without climbing the Great Wall, just as well as you come to Paris without visiting The Iron Tower, come to Egypt without visiting the pyramids! Man often says, "The man who has not climbed the Great Wall is not the true man."


Besides, it’s full of challenge. With acrophobia, I’ve been laughed at by many people these years. Climbing mountains is one of the reasons to improve my phobia. After climbing each time, I become braver than before; long time no climbing, the strong fear will be back to me totally. This time, because of its craggedness, I nearly couldn’t move even one pace. Thanks for my friend, Jing, she held my arm tightly most of the time, especially when we went down. To make matters worse, Jing likes taking photos very much. I had to take photos for her continually, which made me more frightened. The Great Wall is sometimes up, sometimes down. As a result, we had to quit without finishing the whole climbing. What a pity!

 With green trees, with challenge, I’d like to try another time. I’ll conquer my acrophobia to finish the whole Great Wall. We had a wonderful time that day. From now on, I won’t say the Great Wall is boring and not interesting any more. It surely is attractive. I like it.Cool

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