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February 25, 2008

hi guys looser. i can say my name is looser bcause everyday i encounter shit feelings . durin every tym i wrk wd my wrkm8 i thnk their away frm me.. i dnt know..the second is my very very poor english ..i am very pressure and angry because of my writng skills are not progress well!! so im very ashamed! because long tym i will spend to learn english! i can not see the progress! i hope u guys to help me? and my comprhension in reading, its very very poor..i repeat reading thrice  or fifth the sentences and look in dictionary the deep word..almost don get it..im tired..im scared..please help me to enhance my skills english

wat do u thnk wats the problem of my gramar? pls can u gve me some links?



tnk u tnku tnku


:( :( :(


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