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April 29, 2007

From the place where always I am thinking about you With my eternal obstinacy
And annotating what I feel, that it happens to us here Though it is not the better thing.

As I you surprise
And as I am afraid of losing the steps
Of to mislead in some side my promises and my dreams
Which will be the best way, they all say this one if it is going to take you.

Every time they are many mas those who approach the people always applaud
And I am afraid to realize so much that only they condescend with my way of looking
Without knowing to certain science if they share what I say
If really they are with me If they grant the importance And the value that I grant to them also.

Today I need, the whole night to tell what I have written
It Brings over of those who trade with the simple and recycled music
And that never say anything, it will be that anything has that to say
As wanted to see that the artist this one looking for the way
Of speaking about everything what has become importantly
and even to if it is never enough,
even we lack him and go if it is necessary us so much to which to sing.

In the alone world I look at two ends today
And your so far away of here
The nostalgia me ire with him summer
When you are going to come.

As I you surprise
And as I am afraid of losing the steps
Of to mislead in some side the promises and the dreams
Which will be the best way
Am sure that you would say that it should take that one
the one that takes me beyond.

I neither have could say everything what I think about you
nor have could speak about love
Have so much that to tell you
That lost and that I find
And between someone of these things the freshness
with which it designs my plans
The first time
I Have lost the surprise with which my head
was discovering in the moon
If it was thought about you
And up to the pleasure of being the irresponsible one
As they weigh the words when one goes behind.

And when I am I who
if only  has to say them and that in this night when
less your reproach should come
To Myself To where I am.

For if it was mas that to say of what I have said
And also for if it was
possible to say the better
above mentioned thing
But not these
And those who come us are to excuse
My personal lacks to me
Rather they come to the concert of this night
Waiting for the best thing.

And today I have the head in so many sides
Sing for so many people
And now I think so much about you
and even this way it reaches the heart
to feel everything and today that
I need Only....
Only I have wanted to repeat
Like surprise you
And as I am afraid of losing your steps.

Of to mislead in some side your promises and your dreams
Which will be the best way
And on having done this question to me I think about you
And about the way that brings you of return
That brings you of return ....
that brings you of return.


Do not Sealed (seal you mouth)

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Watch Movies.

Since almost to all I hate the mathematics.

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Everything what am called a music is good.

The classic ones as: Star Wars, Braveheart, Les Miserables, Butterfly effect, etc.

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