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I am college student.study in beijing

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February 1, 2010

How Do Animals Catch Their ZZZ’s?
 Different creatures have developed some pretty creative ways to get their rest and stay safe. The lizard likes to sleep at the far end of small branches hanging out over a pond or lake in the rain forest. If a snake tries to slither up the branch to eat it ,it will shake the branch and knock the lizard off ,and the lizard will fall safely into the water. Chameleons can change color to match their surroundings in order to hide even while sleeping.
 Corillas like to sleep high in the trees. They build a new bed every night, sometimes taking up to half an hour to pile branches ,twigs ,and leaves into a comfortable bed .Birds also find it safe to sleep in the trees, but unless they have eggs or young chicks ,they don’t use a nest .They just lock their feet around a branch and hang on .A special tendon in their legs in automatically tight when they are at rest ,so they won’t let go and fall.
 Dolphins live underwater ,but must come to the surface to breather .Scientists now believe that dolphins may sleep with only half their brain, while the other half stays awake to keep them safe and breathing. Seals also do this ,lying on their sides on the surface of the water with one flipper underwater paddling to keep their noses above the surface. Some ducks may also have this ability, and actually sleep with one eye closed and one eye open. 
56.How many animals are mentioned in this passage?
  A.6. B.7. C.8. D.9.
57.How does a chameleon protect itself while sleeping?
 A.By changing its body colors. B.By hinging out over a pond.
 C.By sleeping with half their brain. D.By making beds with branches.
58.Why will not birds fall when they are at rest?
 A.They build nests and sleep in them. B.They fall asleep automatically.
 C.They have a loose tendon in their legs.D.They lock their feet around a branch.
59.What does the writer intend to tell us?
  A.The cleverest animal is the gorilla because it can make beds.
 B.Differences in habitat could lead to different living habits.
 C.The ways animals catch their ZZZ’s are pretty much he same .
 D.In order to protect themselves most animals choose not to sleep.

 But I wonder about my Momma sometimes, and all the other Negro(blacks )mothers who got up at 6 a.m. to go to the white man’s house with sacks over their shoes because it was so wet and cold. I wonder how they made it .They worked very hard for the man, they made his breakfast and they scrubbed his floors and they took care of his babies. They didn’t have too much time for us.
 I wonder about my Momma ,who walked out of a white woman’s clean house at midnight and came back to her own where the lights had been out for three months ,and the pipes were frozen and the wind came in through the holes in the wall. She’d have to make deals with the rats: leave some food out for them so the wouldn’t bite the doors or the babies. The roaches?Oh ,they were just like part of the family!
 I wonder how she felt telling those white kids she took care of to brush their teeth after they ate, to wash their hands after they finish bathroom. She could never tell her own kids because there wasn’t soap or water back home.
 I wonder how my Momma felt when we came home from school with a list of vitamins and pills the school nurse said we had to have .Momma would cry all night , and then go out and spend most of the rent money for pills. A week later ,the white man would come for his eighteen dollars’ rent and Momma would beg him to wait until tomorrow . She had to lie to him that she had lost her wallet or the relief check was coming soon or the white people had some money for her. Tomorrow I’d be hiding in the closet because there was only supposed to be two kids in the flat ,and I could hear the rent man shout at my Momma and call her a cheat. And when he finally went away, Momma put the sacks on her shoes and went off to the rich white man’s house to dress the rich white kids so their mother could take them to a special baby doctor.
60.Mother got up at 6 a.m. every day ,because     .
 A.she had to cook breakfast for her children
 B.she had to catch the first bus to the factory
 C.she had to work in the white man’s house
 D.she had to go to see a special baby doctor
61.Mother never told us to brush our teeth or to wash our hands because     .
 A.she though we didn’t need to B.we didn’t like washing hands
 C.we had done everything very well D.there was no soap or water in our home
62.Why did the writer hide in a closet when the landowner came for rent?
 A.The closet could only hold two kids.
 B.Only two kids were allowed to live in the house.
 C.They should pay more rent for two kids.
 D.There was only one bedroom for the two kids.
63.What does the writer mainly tell us?
  A.Black people lead a miserable life. 
 B.Black people don’t have enough rent money.
 C.White people lead an expensive life. 
 D.White people have special baby doctors.

 Britain is facing a sharp rise in its rat population as growing numbers of people leave fast food scraps in the street ,an environment group warned .Keep Britain Tidy said the rodents were stopping their traditional hunts underground and were roaming the streets ,tempted by discarded burgers ,pizzas and crisps. “The rat population is on the rise and soon it’ll be as common to see a rodent on our street as it is to see a dog or a cat,” said group Director ,Sue Nelson. The practice of dumping fast food litter and scraps on the street rather than in the trash—with young men the worst offenders—was behind the rise. According to the National Rodent Survey in 2005, Britain’s rat population has grown by nearly one quarter since 2000 and is now estimated at 60 million ,two million more than the human population. On average a rat can give birth every 24—28 days and just a single pair of rats can produce a colony of 2,000 a year. Around 200 people a year get Weil’s Disease –an infection which can lead to liver or kidney failure and eventually death and which is arrived in rat’s waste. To highlight the issue ,Keep Britain Tidy launched a cinema ad entitled “How close do you want them to get?” The ad gave a shocking image of a young woman sleeping in a bed of rots –echoing the nightmare scene from James Herbert’s classic horror tale The Rats, in which mutant rodents begin to prey on humans.
64.Where did the rodents use to search for food?
 A.In the Street .  B.Under the ground.
 C.From the trash cans. D.In burger shops. 
65.What is the human population now according to the writer?
 A.60 million. B.58 million. C.35 million. D.2 million.
66.We may infer from the passage that      .
 A.Weil’s Disease will finally end the world
 B.pizzas and crisps will become poisonous
 C.rats will endanger human beings’ life 
 D.young people are blame for the rat population
67.By writing the passage, the author tries to       .
 A.close some of the burger and pizza restaurants
 B.draw the public attention to the problem of rats
 C.prevent the rats from growing up
 D.making advertisement for the classic horror film The Rats

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