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| 06:09 AM Jan 29 2009



so beautiful..

| 01:37 AM Jan 16 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi dear, I am saeid amini,I have twenty three years old , I’m from Iran , I like English so much ,I’d like to find new friends ,I and my friends are going to the mount once week, I like to try new things therefore I have to go trip ,I was wondering if you would mind give me some information about the mine your country, I was wondering if you mind correcting my mistakes in grammar, dictation and…..,what’s your opinion about climbing mountain in snow day, what do you talk about friends? The beauty of the mountains, all right. I was wondering if you would mind come the mouton Friday
Is it possible tell me about our relationship do you mind if I try to make long time relationship whit you? Tell me more about yourself our every thing that could be interesting.
I prefer learn English according grammar manner. Would you mind if you do in this way I would be glad. So continue in this way because here grammar is base and I usually speak in wrong way. With best wishes.
When do you work with internet?
If possible give me email yourself for more relationship.
This is Email me:amini.saeid@yahoo.com I glad with you relationship.

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