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| 11:10 AM Jul 20 2011

sozi 56


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| 01:20 PM Apr 15 2009



Hi~How are you ?
I am Amelie ,take a look here …
see this pic of skateboard …let me remember that I have learnt it a little before years
It’s a cool and funny sport for me
You are good at that..right ?

| 10:09 PM Feb 02 2009



hehe…wats the problem here?...;))
nice pic…
ayy..melinda..relax…don worry bout the girl to much..O.O
...i dont think that just agirls pics are of her…her profile looks fake….jus lettin u know…i cud get those pics

| 05:29 AM Jan 23 2009

As I am

Saudi Arabia

hi I am glad to be friend and
cool sk8board I used to have on like it.

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