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| 11:39 AM Dec 12 2009



Cool pic I love it.This is such a great pic for who believe in diversity. There will never be one religion or true religion, not in a million years. This is how it works. Why there are so many people who haven’t known it already?

| 10:39 AM Jul 02 2009



Do you or your girl fried even understand the word Brahman?
Does she even know why some hindu’s worship idols? No one asked her to worship an Idol.
Forget all this, do you or your GF know what the term Hindu , Sanatana dharma mean?
Sanatana Dharma doesn’t say to worship Idols.
The word Bhraman means eternal, infinite,shapeless and omnipresent spiritual source of the finite and changing universe.
does it sound familiar?
Sanatana Dharma believes in only one thing , there is only one god. But there are multiple paths to god. Islams in one of the many way to reach god.
Also have you heard of the term Allopanishad?

| 09:21 AM Jun 22 2009



Yes, we have different religions in the world but there is only one god.
religion is only a path , a guide to reach to god.
But sadly immature people don’t realize this and always say that their religion is true religion, or other religions are illegitimate and not rightful. Such immature people make this world a very sick and a violent place.

| 10:17 PM Mar 22 2009



really nice

| 10:56 AM Mar 22 2009



I like it also:D

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