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Saudi Arabia

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| 07:39 AM Aug 24 2009



I remembered my old times when saw that pic…
when i was a kid, i was in farm and we had a lot of animals… And Chickens were one of my fav animals to catch :)
We had a pool,, and one day i saw that someone was sprinking cold water to the chicken…
I did not know why she was doing soo…
Then nexy day, i caught a chicken and throw it to the pool…
Then i really liked doing so…. and i did it everyday…
But unfortunally one day my grandma saw me and asked me why i was doing so…
She said me that it is for spaying some chickens…
YEs… it was just only SOME CHICKENS… :D But i did it to all CHICKENS :D
So they ended their procreation year :D

| 02:28 AM Jul 14 2009

jamal pachath


it is not angry but it is hungry looking for food,,, DD

| 03:22 PM Jul 04 2009


Saudi Arabia

yes he is

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