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Saudi Arabia

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| 07:09 PM Jul 31 2009

carolina da sila


beatfl pls,
here we have many farms too…” i live into the amazon forest”
and every sunday i go to th farm with my family…...
it’s so pacefull, i lov it

| 08:11 AM Jul 08 2009


Saudi Arabia

ok u can just visit my profile or Amany’s & enjoy the song ;)

| 06:51 AM Jul 05 2009


Saudi Arabia

There are many hasaweez in here
Here is a song for every hasaweez


| 06:49 AM Jul 05 2009


Saudi Arabia

It’s relativ’s farm;farm not garden
many people here have farms grandpa’s,uncle or relative
my grandpa had a big farm ,in the back days,(Aljelwah)
yes ,we name the farms here;but my grandpa sold the farm & refused to sold it to my father cuz my pa pa is lazy man & will ruined what his father worked in for a long time :S

| 09:00 PM Jul 04 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

woooow, what a beautiful garden! is it ur family garden?

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