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Saudi Arabia

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| 12:33 PM Aug 19 2009

Ahmad Danial


Hello any one there…...

| 01:53 PM Aug 18 2009


Saudi Arabia

i didnt wached that ep T_T

| 08:33 AM Aug 16 2009

love story 111

Saudi Arabia

why sasuke killed orochimaru easily ?
orochimaru was sick nd waiting for the medicine that kabuto was working on !
this is the reason why saskay killed orochimaru quickly
but i thing last episodes i saw, Kabuto transplanted orochimaru’s corpse inside him ! !
waiting for the new episode hehe

| 05:27 AM Jul 14 2009

Unjust Angle

Saudi Arabia

haha always evil is asowm and orochimaru won’t die

| 07:56 AM Jul 11 2009


Saudi Arabia

man i will kill u 4 this T_T

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