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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

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| 01:56 PM Jun 24 2010


Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

if i was you, that fella’ wouldn’t be alive (at least menthally) ...
terrorists are terrorists, and there are no good or bad terrorists and when it comes to when they dare to annoy civilians and kids they are just poor cowards that don’t deserve to live normally. no matter whether it is muslim,christian,jewish,atheist or which ever terrorist!

| 02:02 AM Jun 01 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my friend…......
I think you should learn more and more about this occupation.can you live with the people that occupied your home?????/ please answer this at first….then we can continue this conversation

| 12:28 AM Jun 01 2010



Well and then look at Beslan. 331 children killed by muslim terrorists.
I think the americans should go out of Iraq, however there are worse people on earth and they are definitly killers.
Your are all boring with your political messages from medieval times. Both sides are stupid like – this is my land, no this is my land…
Jews, muslims learn to grow up.
Learn to live together

| 12:21 AM Jun 01 2010


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Yeah .. down with those animals..

| 12:18 AM Jun 01 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Down with I s r a e l

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