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| 02:56 PM Sep 08 2010



OLA AMIGA ,,,soy de Quito agregame eiyeiedxedx@hotmail.com

| 08:35 AM Apr 04 2010

Cheng Sandy


hiiii!! can u intorduce me who they are??:DD i wanna know …both are so cute :DD ohhh especially the little boy <33 and the girl? is u?? :D you are cute tooXDD ohh see her face with a lovely heart !! ohh i recognize it!! the heart is a person who names hsin ,right??!! XDD she is a lovely heart :D she's my best friend!!i think she is very close with u ,isn't she?!
ohh am jeulous :S:DDD turst her and keep faith!she tells me she’ll do her best n hold ur hands ,won’t leave!! got it?! smilee++++++++ devil!!! :PPPP beattt uuuuuu

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