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| 02:06 PM Mar 17 2012

ezzat salah


That had a love for others what I wanted
The beating heart to others what Ahieddith
If someone else saw eye to deprived the optical
If life is lost without you what I wished life
The night passed without Zkrak what I have been through
The morning light was not the darker your light I wanted to
Words did not realize its meaning overtaken Bhoak a
You searched for description did not find a description of
That love was the exchange of hearts
Is it enough for my heart, O my heart
And that love was lost age
Is it enough for you I am
And that love was sacrificial spirit
Is it sufficient for my soul, O my soul
Habiba my dear
Oahdik my breath and I am
And all my sense and all Snini
I am Madam
I love love love, to the point of madness
I love you I do not know but I love you and love you
The mind does not think only your
All my heart beats for you
Abeer aromatic Vdeina spread allof your heart
Leave my lips and leave scars on your forehead
And your hands and your lips and cheeks
I am Habiba
O light of my joy
O joy all
O pulse of my heart
O eternal Ahqi
O Flower I
O spirit of my heart
My hope is the desired O
O most beautiful dreams
O my present and my future
Ante spring love net
I just love Arthuis
Vdeina baby love
I adore my heart and my being atoms
Vikvana I love you
Suffice breeze that would fill a Ritaa
Love the glitter and sparkling Baenye
Vhabay alone love you
O has Ndati
And improve and feel me
And Knin to me all the meanings of words
And Aptsamata and Kisses
Let me be the father who Admk
Adfik night and bitterly cold
And let me be faithful lover
Which Ihtwik Ivikk taste and Shahd
And I will be your eternal lover
Because who knows what is the meaning of love
Yes I love you my soul Habiba
And not of the heart in love Sultan
Nor time nor place nor homelands
Beloved heart is warm
Yes I love you my eyes Habiba
Taught me love you from the
And became a strong love
Excuse me baby
On Tgosaira
I can not find words to express
My love for you and Shawqi
More than that
In this Alhza
All the words left
And dried up pens and Ertemt
I do not have to tell you is
One word only
I love you madly Forever

| 09:26 PM Jul 05 2010



nice jacket :)

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