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| 04:19 AM Nov 20 2010

Gucci Yeung


Thanks for your comment, Komancz. Comparing with some oil paintings that draw your eyes by vivid colors, it is much more simple in both colors and lines. How to say it, this traditional Chinese painting can’t bring a hit in sight, but it makes you calm down. Feel it by heart, you will gradually slow down, forgetting the speeding world; you will be brought into a gentle mood and feel you are surrounded by the mountains and river. It is a completely different world.

| 08:49 AM Nov 16 2010

Gucci Yeung


Not by me, I hope I were the painter though ;)
It is of typical Chinese style. Using only pure ink, brushes and water, the artist expressed the colors and his emotion by different shades of ink. I can feel the fragrance of ink and water spreading in the air. Very charming, right?

| 08:17 AM Nov 15 2010



Who done this? Pure awesomeness!