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Irene Forever

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| 08:54 PM Mar 10 2013

Irene Forever


Yes,as well as a blanket. :-)

| 05:39 PM Mar 10 2013



nice hat :)

| 05:20 AM Jan 23 2013

Irene Forever


Golsa, they have such kind of love that makes them feel bored. Marriage!:)))

| 04:19 AM Jan 23 2013


Russian Federation

:))So sweet pets
but why they seems tired?!

| 04:10 AM Jan 23 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks My Dear Irene!
You are always see me good but I’m not as well you think!
Its my feeling now!
Love prevents us to think and decide rightly!
I prefer to be wise mahtab not crazy one! :D
Dear Elena!
There is nothing new!
Just I cant like something that hurt us!
No love , no pain!

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