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| 12:31 PM Apr 27 2013


United Arab Emirates

Oh GOD , scary :D

| 12:58 PM Feb 26 2013

Irene Forever


I agree with you Olya.
Polar bears are very interesting animals. Do you know that Polar Bears are not actually white in colour but rather have clear hollow hairs covering their bodies though their skin is black. The reflection of light makes them look white.Interesting, isn’t it?

| 01:47 PM Feb 25 2013



I think also if he breaks free, it would try to adapt to the environment. Usually, if the conditions in the Zoo are suitable, the animals feels happy. But a polar bear is a pretty big animal and from that environment that is very diffucult to simulate – cold Arctic, the vast area, snow, extremely low t, strong winds, white blinding color… If the girl will get in its way, while it’s being free, it will be eaten. It’s also will be a huge stress for a bear since it will be on the look out the suitable new place. When we’re under stress, with all our morality, we’re still difficult to deal let alone an animal who follows only its instincts.

| 01:45 PM Feb 25 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i know :0

| 01:07 PM Feb 25 2013

Irene Forever


If it could be! :) I’m very much doubt… White bears are rather cruel animals.