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| 10:01 AM May 08 2013

Irene Forever


Right, Olya, they are both amazed m, and I wish they could bear all hardships together in the easiest way.

| 06:38 PM May 07 2013



The video shows the strength of spirit of the father and his son as well. The life is going on, no matter what, in spite of the disease and it goes brightly, with sunshine, with hope, with struggle, with victory!

| 05:57 AM May 07 2013

Irene Forever


Thank you, Damavamd, for commenting here. It’s impossible to watch that video without any feelings. It must be a very cruel person who can stay calm and insensitive towards those two people who love each other whatever happens.I have a reason to feel a big pain watching that, and I hope if I need help, I will have it from someone.
The father’s sacrificing his own life, but he knows, it can’t be the other way, and he finds happy moments in his life together with his son.
I make a low bow to him. May God help them both.

| 11:34 PM Apr 28 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well Irene, I saw this clip before, very painful but promising, a father sacrificed his life for his Cerebral Palsy son, sometimes when I am sad or hopeless watch it and at the final when that son types “I can…” very hard, I can’t stand and cry, having ability to do easily whatever we want unaware of who be deprived of it. His father not only strengthens his son but also inspires all people and reinforces them in face of troubles.
How thankful of God we should be for the healthy life and how much we should learn from that father?!

| 04:31 AM Apr 16 2013

Irene Forever