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Saudi Arabia

August 8, 2007

February 1, 2008

my best friend eliss

my best friend eliss

March 29, 2009

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| 05:42 AM Jul 05 2009



Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Barkatahu!
This flag is your National flag and if you go deeply with this Kalma, where you find two things. No god except Allah (God ) for worship, and Muhammad (S.A.W.) IS a prophet & messenger of Allah.
Its really very interesting things and I try my best to explain as per my knowledge.
When our prophet said at one mountain ” Ya aiuhannas kulu lay ye lah tuflehu….) then many peoples get anger. They accept him as an honest, but some embrace Islam and some not, those who embrace they known as Sahaba, and those who ignore they were munkareen. These things you know very well and I dont think to go in deep.
And Allah said in Quran Muhammad -ur-Rasullah in surah Fatah….mmm….right.
Now all over the world, debate, questions, fighting , arguments and many things going on only about our Prophet, some saying he doesn’t know Ilm-e-ghaib, some doesn’t hazir -o-nazir etc. many question day by day.
What our prophet said no body argue on that point but what Allah said, every where debate, queries and many things going on.
Allah knows everythings, means present, past, & future also, and thats why HE put his beloved prophet with his name. Even if HE likes instead of this kalma he can said our third kalma ” Subhanallahe, Al-hamdolillahe wa lai lah illallaho Allah o-akbar…. where there is no name of our prophet.
Allah knows everything and thats why HE put this kalma first, whoever embrace islam he/she has to read first and many.
Some stupid said that Muhammad (S.A.W.) has passed away, ok I agree with you, but is you see this meaning, he is beloved & prophet of Allah ( He is…..not He WAS), and many aayta in Quran that they passed away, but Allah given rizk to them, and they are alive but we can see them. Like wise ” Wala taqulu le main yuqtalo fi sabilil…..................)
Allah has put his beloved name every where in pray, wadu, salam, khutba…..etc…..but only one place HE doesn’t put his beloved prophet. Tell me what is that?????
Note: One time I had requested for friendship and you accept, but adding is not called friendship. Let me tell u frankly in short, Friendship means to share & care each others problems, sadness, happiness, etc.
AS per my knowledge no one can be my true friend except Allah.
The remaining two pics I will explain in details….Insha Allah

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