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| 09:41 AM May 10 2016

ola3Super Member!


Won at a huge cost!
Proud of defeating evil and do evil. Attacking the weakest ones like Ukraine while Germany is accepting refugees.
Time to move on and to be proud by the current achievements
But remember your people who died.
Canada btw doesnt take sides
You probably don’t understand wobbly Joe that by that hysteric celebration, only hatred is generated In people.

| 07:33 AM May 10 2016


United States

“an attitude like it is done in Western countries.”
You mean like Canada?
We did win, we did defeat evil. We are proud of defeating evil. We came together, fought very hard, and won a very costly war against unthinkable evil.
You can be proud of winning without being proud of war.
The “millions of innocents” who died are entirely the fault of those who started the war, not those who finished it.
We do intend that such never happen again.
But the Soviets are East.
The Russians and other Easterners celebrate the Great Patriotic War far more than the West does.

| 03:42 PM May 09 2016

ola3Super Member!


There were millions of innocent people including children who got killed. It shouldn’t be forgotten not to repeat again.
What’s you pointed out is partially true that’s why it should be remembered without an attitude like it is done in Western countries.
You can’t be proud by any war. But you should remember those who fell victim and died.
There can hardly any veterans left after this war and if yes, I doubt you can hear from them – we won, we won.
There war was too costly in lives to be proud of.

| 07:18 AM May 09 2016

ola3Super Member!


Remember millions of people who fell victims and died in the ww2. The war that was caused by the stupidity of the criminal leader Stalin who knew the war was is inevitable. Who killed the bright marshals, who made many children orphans. Remember without an attitude who beat who, just remember those who died in this bloody war.

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