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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

November 19, 2016

October 28, 2016

November 14, 2016

when you wear blue clothes,i forget the sea.. the story of donkey and the wolf ....

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| 11:42 AM Nov 21 2016


United States

We agree, except for the part about God.
As an American though, I was raised to respect your choice in the matter.
The word sacred only means that somebody considers it “holy” to what they believe, no matter how stupid that belief might be. Things can be “holy” or “sacred” even if I think they are stupid and false.
People who kill over “sacred things” are actually so sinfully and stupidly proud of their beliefs that they believe it is worth killing those who don’t agree with them.
Then they have the unmitigated gall to blame “God’s will” because they were violent.
Too many are too stupid to get over past hates.
I was wondering about the meaning of the picture.

| 08:57 AM Nov 19 2016


United States

Is this God sick of all of us?
No disagreement from me.
Perhaps it’s the bile that comes from Oscar, Hamid and I?
I still agree with you.
Only one of the three demands war and hate though, the other two want peace.
A Muslim on here swears the only chance for peace is if Israel ceases to exist in the ME.
Do you agree with him?
That no compromise is possible?
That Israel is a fight to the death between Islam and the Dar al Harb?