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| 03:19 AM Apr 13 2018



her boob deserve any amount of money

| 05:02 PM Apr 06 2018


United States

He’s probably telling the truth, technically. He probably paid her in USD and so the number wasn’t exactly E94,000! It’s a technicality, but that counts here.
We have a history of presidents lying to us by twisting words. Remember Bill Clinton and “That depends on what your definition of ‘is’, is.” or Richard Nixon’s “the American people can be certain that their President is not a crook”. (being certain does not preclude being wrong). We get used to it. We don’t like it, but they all do it so you have to listen carefully for lies.
Personally, I doubt he had to pay her half that. It’s not like anyone is surprised that the Donald would do this, or that a porn star would accept money for it, and therefore this probably won’t have a book or movie made about it.