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| 05:38 AM May 09 2018



it is a bad deal , and its Obama-kerry blame…. Trump stop it after 3 years… now Iran must go home and leave Syria.
if not we will make them runaway in the hardway…
iran is not so strong as the world think… we will show them the way out.

| 03:52 PM May 08 2018


United States

Can you blame us? Trump might be kind of a Jersey Shore Orangeman, but he’s right about this. It was a bad deal that required trusting Iran.
Iran continued it’s hostility, even launching mock attacks on our ships.
Iran used the money it got from reducing sanctions to finance wars in other nations.
The deal required trusting Iran, because we weren’t allowed to verify for ourselves. Iran can’t be trusted so there is no deal.
I think Obama was right to give peace a chance, but Trump is now right because Iran failed to move towards peace.
The Ayatollah’s can’t be trusted.

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