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   I am also a newer here ,and My oral English so bad that I can not speak long sentences.so I want to practise my oral english a lot.But what should I do? I am puazzled for it

07:40 PM Dec 13 2007 |

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There are several things you can do.  If you have access to english movies or television shows you can watch and talk along with them.  During the day you can talk aloud in english describing what you are doing.  Of course the best thing is to find someone who speaks english as well and talk to them.  If you have friends who speak english get together with them and only speak english.  Alternatively there are people on here who would be happy to speak to you on skype or similar to help you.

Good luck!! 

08:32 PM Dec 13 2007 |




my english is not good/fluently either..but I never give up to speak and speak, even I speak in wrong gramar or pronounciation..

First We  must have  courage to try..right or wrong it doesn't matter!! 

04:11 AM Dec 14 2007 |




i think the most important to study english is practise ,more practise more perfect ,if you do this ,i think we will all own a good english

07:02 AM Dec 14 2007 |