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I occasionally found this website where I could learn lots of useful information for studying English, What a attractive website! I love it.
I’m Owen from China’s BeiJing, I wish I could have very colorful life, and my dream is that I can travel countries all over the world as many as possible without the pressure of time and money. In order to realize my ideal, I know, the first step is to grasp the English used by most of country now.
I have two question, Please give me the answer, Thank you in advance!!
1. the word “persistent”, Could I use this word to describe or praise a person who want not to give up the thing he was doing? Is it a positive word? From LongMan dictionary, it told me a negative word.
2. As you know, China will enter into WTO, I often see the title on the newspaper which is said “China’s entry into WTO”, Why did media use the “China’s” rather than Chinese, so I use it in my sentence “I am from China’s Beijing”, Is that right?

07:30 AM Jun 13 2001 |

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johnSuper Member!

United States

Thank you, Owen! We love to hear from people that enjoy our site. Your dreams of a life of travel is equal to my own.
1. Persistent can be a positive word meaning like you said someone that does not want to stop what they are doing. However, persistent can also have a negative meaning if someone is too persistent. An example of this might be when someone calls you too much on the telephone or bothers you at work. So you see persistent is both negative and positive depending on how it is used.

2. Although you could say China’s Beijing it is more appropriate when speaking english to say Beijing China.

3. Usually we use “Chinese” to describe people from China. “China’s” is correct to describe the country. Does that make sense?



11:50 PM Jun 13 2001 |

alizee lanlan


Hi , I graduated from university in June this year. now i find a job as Englishi teacher ,but I am not good in spoken English and written English .i cherish this time very much ,since i was a child ,i have wanted to become a teacher ,i am interested in English,although is not good .now the shool,which i foud yesterday ,they will give me a chance for interview ,at least ,i need a introduction ,so can  you  do me a favor ?

10:05 AM Dec 22 2008 |




i really enjoy this website,especially the english lessons!it is absolutely brilliant!

i am in uk now,and will go back China next year,i can feel that my english is improving fast,i grasp every chance to learn english,of course,i had a good foundation before i came here last year!

i am here to express my thanks to you all!


10:21 AM Dec 22 2008 |